Cats and Christmas Trees..!!

  1. Use repellent sprays. Spray your Christmas tree with a cat repellent spray that you can purchase at your local pet supply store. This will deter your kitty without leaving a noticeable odour to human noses. Or, you might try a citrus spray, as cats are repelled by citrus odour too.

  • Apple cider vinegar can also be sprayed as a cat repellent.

  • If it's a plastic tree, a small amount of Citronella oil shaken into a bottle of water and misted on to the tree makes it smell unpleasant to the cat, but fresh and citrus-like to you.

  • Spray some pine cones with Citronella and pile them around the base of the tree. Cats do not walk on pine cones! Pine cones also have the same effect in the base of your houseplants.

  • You could also place orange peels under the tree to make your cat less likely to go near it. Cats also dislike the smell of rotten apples, but then you probably won't like that smell much either!

  • Try spraying your tree with a little orange juice. Cats hate the smell of citrus, so orange juice can act as a deterrent. Slices of orange can also be used for decoration.


  • Don't spray a tree that has electrical items on it. Water and electricity have a habit of short-circuiting into a house fire.

  • When you lock the cats up for the night, try to shut the door to the room with the tree. You'll sleep better knowing they're not swaying from it during the night.

  • Aspirin is often added to tree water. This is toxic to your cat. Add sugar instead but still ensure that your cat cannot reach the water because it is likely to have pine sap, preservatives, pesticides and other toxic elements in it.

  • Be extra vigilant with kittens. Keep them from chewing on the extension cord and shocking themselves. Anything that wiggles and jiggles will attract their attention. Never leave a kitten in a gift box or carrier under the Christmas tree as a gift; this is dangerous and cruel. A kitten should be a gift the whole family agrees upon and is willing to contribute to the care of. On Christmas morning, make sure the kitten is in a safe, supervised location,

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